Homeless Is Not Just About Housing

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Homelessness is situations where by people don’t have a regular dwelling place. The homeless are most often not able to acquire and maintain safe, regular, adequate, and a secure housing or they don’t have a ‘fixed’ regular and adequate residence at night-time. Legally, the definition varies from country to country, or within different jurisdictions in the same region or even country. The term ‘homeless’ may also comprise individuals whose night-time residence is primarily in a warming center, a homeless shelter, a vehicle, a domestic violence shelter, a tent, squatting, tarpaulins, cardboard boxes, or other ad hoc housing situations. Other countries also include people who sleep in a private or public place that is not tailored to be utilized as a regular sleeping accommodation for people.

Homeless is a issue because people who are homeless experience a wide range of human rights violations. Access to secure and safe housing is among the basic human rights. Basically, homeless is not just about housing. Fundamentally, it is about lack of connection with family, friends, community, and lack of control over the environment. The homeless may face human right violation to a standard of living that is adequate, the right to liberty and security of the individual, right to education, right to social security, right to privacy, the right to freedom from discrimination, voting right, and many more. Homelessness impacts an individual’s ability to enjoy his/her basic rights and…
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