Homeless Is Taking Over Hawaii

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Homeless is Taking Over Hawaii While walking down Ala Moana Park, I see many homeless laying around. Feeling a little unsafe because I do not know if they will come up and do something. As time flies by, they should not be living on the street. It is not pleasant seeing them where ever you go. They are eve-rywhere and, “at least 6,300 are homeless at given day” (Hope para 1). As the facts says in Hope, “Statewide, 12-15,000 people are homeless at some point of the year” (para 1). Each day, the numbers of hobos in Hawaii increase because they do not have a place to stay. The homeless in the upper 49 come down to Hawaii since our weather is not as bad compared to other states. In Hawaii, the homeless will be anywhere with their tents and carts. They would talk to the ones that passes by. Hawaii’s homeless population should be addressed by the government because they affect tourism in a negative way. Mainlanders come to Hawaii to live on the streets. We have a better weather climate compared to the mainland. This allows the homeless to come all the way here to live. With them on the street, it increases the population on the street. There are no official evidence of where they are coming from. Hawaii News Now mentions, “We remain concerned this program is an invitation to purchase a one-way ticket to Hawaii guaranteed return flight home” (Farrington para 8). The government sends the homeless back due to the overpopulation. When they send them back, it leaves Hawaii less
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