Homeless Mothers Research Paper

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The ensuing years in Southern Nevada have seen in increase in the quantity of homeless people, due to some extent because of the economic downfall in 2007. Reduced support for homeless single mothers who have grown rapidly in the homeless population. Women leave their homes due to domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, or unemployment. The Southern Nevada population neglects to help mothers to decrease the homeless percentage. A drastic change can improve the state of mothers by changing the wage difference between men and women, support for women who have experienced domestic abuse or struggle with drug addiction to provide a safe environment for their kids and themselves, and maternity leave pay.
In today’s society some people perceive homelessness as affecting only
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Single homeless mothers typically happen due to recent economic declines resulting in home foreclosures. Studies have reported in Southern Nevada that homeless mothers and their children have a tendency to not get discovered by society, called the “hidden homeless”. These single homeless mothers and their kids do not live on the street, where their situation is public and visible, but one can discover single mothers and their kids living in overcrowded place. Policies to end homelessness must incorporate jobs that pay livable wages. Although homeless mothers who manage to find employment may be forced to leave their job when they announce their pregnancy. Which many individuals in Southern Nevada have a falsehood judgement that women chose homelessness, as you can see is not true because single mothers make the struggling effort to fight back homelessness, although given the low minimum wages and gender discrimination. Single homeless mothers still attempt to provide their children with some sort of shelter, despite the fact that of living in a house which people commonly would not experience
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