Homeless People Could Be a Great Resource

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Have you ever felt so angry when you gave someone the money that you worked very hard to earn, and then he or she wasted it on some unacceptable purposes? Yes, it has been one of my first lessons since I immigrated to the United States. During January of 2012, most of the weekdays, my brother gave a homeless man some quarters or one dollar when we were going to work. This homeless man stood in an intersection and begged for charity from the public. However, my brother met him at a convenient store, and witnessed him buying some lotteries. Should this homeless man spend his begging money on gambling or on daily necessities such as foods and a place to sleep? Another example is a homeless man who bought three houses and had four wives with some children from public charity has been charged for tax problems. These men are a part of the large population of homeless citizens in the United States. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, the amount of homeless is roughly estimated to be between 2.3 million and 3.5 million people. That is approximately 1 in 100 people living without a home or living on the streets every night with no job, no car, and no responsibilities. Obviously, we need to figure out a way to fix these homeless problems. Many experts have discussed and suggested uncounted solutions. However, we could easily fix the homeless problem by gathering them and using them as a resource. As I mentioned, homeless people could be a great resource. Just…

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