Homeless People: Revealing The Bike Thief

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WWYD bike thief i think that when the actors were stealing the bike the people walking by were being sexist, stero typing, and racist. When the white guy actor was trying to steal the bike nobody stopped him. They asked if it was his and he said no, but they still didn't stop him. When the black guy actor was trying to steal the bike somebody stopped him in the first minute. When the first person yelled at him to stop a lot of other people rushed over. When the young white girl actor was stealing the bike nobody stopped her in fact mostly all of them (guys) helped her steal the bike. I think this was sexist because when the girl was stealing the bike people helped her steal it, but when the white, or black guy were stealing it they both got stopped and…show more content…
I think that it is wrong for teens to beat up homeless people because they are humans too they are exactly like you they just live on the street. 15% of people are homeless. When the actors went out to act people stopped them in seconds people started yelling and getting out of there cars. When the actors brought the fake bat out the peoples reactions were even faster people were getting out of there cars running across the street with out looking just to help the homeless man/lady. I think that beating up homeless people is wrong because the are humans too. WWYD homeless (falling) I think that its wrong for people just to walk by when someone falls. When the homeless guy actor went out and fell people just walked by, but finally someone called for help. Then when the homeless guy fell with a beer can and thirty minutes went by and nobody stopped. Finally linda hamilton former homeless woman stopped and asked for someone to call 911 and no one did for 25 minutes. Linda names the actor billy. I think that we are sexist because when a girl falls on the street people call for help, but when a man falls on the street nobody calls for help. WWDY
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