Homeless People : The Homeless

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Homeless in Baltimore City is a serious issue that must be resolve. There are different types of homeless people: Chronic, transitional and episodic homeless people. However, there are several or multiples reasons for which people become homeless. It could be due to lack of financial incentives or economic reason, immigrants people (students or foreign), a choice of an individual or poverty, housing needs of the lack of low-income housing and other issues such as unemployment, underemployment, domestic violence and divorce. As Policymakers, we will focus on the homeless people in Baltimore and advocates some solutions to end this issue. Although we will suggest some policies and solutions that can be helpful for the homeless people. Baltimore’s homeless population has been increased in recent years. Public, state and local government should be involved and their participation would be required to fulfill those programs. First, the government must assist community and most importantly to ensure that those solutions that they will create are long-term goals. Having a house, a permanent supportive housing is the first solution to resolve for the homeless people. So, the government must take vacant homes in Baltimore city and turn it into affordable permanent housing which will benefit the people because some homeless people usually prefer to be in abandoned building of housing and they are somehow charge with loitering it means a crime with a stiff fines. Homeless people can
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