Homeless People in the World

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Homeless people in the world: what are the reasons for it and what are the methods to solve the problem. Today it is unfortunately homelessness is very wide and is spreading rapidly around the world. The causes may be quite different: it can be a high rent for housing, low pay, mental disability, loss of all family members, etc. When people are in a difficult situation, they need to survive, they have not so much alternatives, so they go out on the streets and begging for money. In different countries in different ways the government is trying to solve the problem of homeless people, but the result is still the same. What should we do? How can we help the homeless people?

During the time when people started to do lots of research, about homeless people. Have they concluded that usually those who are forced to live on the street are people who: lived in poor areas, had no jobs, drugs, low education etc. Since we know what the main reasons for homelessness are and we have the information we need, it may be possible to avoid and help the people in the beginning before they become homeless.
What I think is that the government must reverse itself more to the people who really need help in the poor area. And I mean now help them really both material and moral. Trying to solve the psychological problems which the ex. parents who abuse alcohol, children who are badly in school, etc. They should send the specialists who do their job and can help. I think that if the government
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