Homeless Population After A Two Week Program

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“Homelessness, once viewed as transient and situational, has become a growing public health problem that has escaped ready solutions” (Bassuk et al., 2014). Homeless population has been increasing in the United States drastically, and with the increase in the homeless population it is also important to provide a comforting environment for the homeless population. Many of the homeless population come from various backgrounds and they don’t choose to be homeless but the circumstances lead them to be homeless. Consequently, the at risk population that is facing harsh circumstances needs to have an environment in which they can feel comfortable in and have an access to the basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shower facilities. Therefore, the volunteers at the facilities that helps the homeless population need to have a knowledge in which ways they should react with the homeless population. In a study conducted by Buchanan et.al (2004) it focused on exploring the attitudes of primary care residents regarding the homeless population after a two-week program. The program had 4 sections that included lectures, clinical sessions, and tours of community programs serving the homeless people, case discussion, and hearing personal narratives of homeless population. Along with these sections the residents learned about the demographics and origins of the homelessness, common medical conditions, and emphasis on teaching about everyday life of the homelessness. The attitudes were…
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