Homeless Population In Texas Essay

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Reducing the Homeless Percentage in Texas
Texas is known to have reduced its homeless percentage by 42% since the year of 2007. This percentage was recorded by a Federal Survey and the population of the homeless are rejoicing because Texas advocacies have given them shelter over the past years. Eric Samuels, an executive director of the Texas Homeless Network stated that the reason that Texas homeless population is dropping because they are improving on their funding and supporting and they have advanced on their newest methods for housing. Texas advocacies have impacted on homeless people because these advocacies provided shelter, clothing and food. It is partially the homeless fault for not working, but they are human as well and they make mistakes also. These homeless people feel comforted and safe, knowing that they have a safe place to be in. To the nation, Texas has done a great work in securing the homeless people, in our
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There have been homeless men and women, but hardly children; out by the express way and they always have signs saying “need money” or “hungry need money, anything helps”. Those homeless people that have been constantly seen, have not been seen as much as often and they have been helped. Many people have an idea that the homeless people just need money to buy alcohol or drugs. In reality, people don’t have any prior knowledge of their lives and their reasons. Volunteering to help the homeless is a good feeling, so I’ve herd. Reducing the homeless percentage in Texas would make our state a better state; to increase the knowledge of the other states that Texas doesn’t have selfish people. Agreeing on helping the homeless and providing services for them, is inspiring to keep up the pace and erasing all those homeless people and marking them in a homeless shelter and Texas has now taken care of that
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