Homeless Shelters : Homeless Shelter Essay

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As with every service planning area, there are numerous services or shelters that tend to the homeless. With the San Gabriel Valley services being so distant and clustered, it was difficult to assess the overall feel of the homeless services. That is, it was difficult to find any homeless shelters even with the use of a handheld GPS and map, signifying that access to the homeless services is not as simple as it sounds. On the other hand, it was not at all difficult to find other services that seemed, to be very helpful for the homeless in general. A screenshot of the area (above) shows the charity and centers grouped within a few blocks of one another, yet very distant from the other groups.
When strolling down Valley Mall, it was hard not to see stores that had special discounts and budget oriented services. There are few homeless shelters in the area, but most of them are concealed, lacking any signs. While homeless shelters would be the most obvious choice to canvas in terms of finding services for the homeless, there are plenty more types of services that cater to the homeless. For example, in the Valley Mall at the center of El Monte, there are services such as laundromats, thrift stores and even discount pharmacies that exist because of the outstanding need for them. One interesting thing to note was that every single shop along this street had metal bars over the rear windows, presumably to defend from theft. Through a basic observation, it was clear that there were…
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