Homeless Situation Bloomberg : A New Prevention Program Essay

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In the midst of the homeless situation Bloomberg introduced a new prevention program Homebase, who worked mostly in the preventive service. Homebase worked with landlords in the legal aspect to prevent families to enter the shelter. Also, Bloomberg presented two different programs to assist family to exit the shelter. First Housing Stability Plus and the Work Advantage. Both programs failed to assist enough families to transition into a permanent location. The programs was a double-edge sword. Families moved out, however in order to be eligible for the program families needed to eligible for Public Assistance in top of it, families could not go over the poverty line, because the families will stop to be eligible for the program. By the end of Bloomberg at least 10000 families were in shelter. Lastly, the tendency showed no signs of reversing in the last years of Bloomberg administration. (Asher, Colin 2011).
On a different page, the Section 8 program brings federally funded rent vouchers for low-income families. The program consistent in provide relief to families that are able to proof that they can not afford a full rent. Eligible families will be responsible to pay 30 % of the full rent. Families or individuals eligible for the voucher are able to look for an apartment in any state of the United States. The risk of the program is the eligibility program is long, the difficulty to find an apartment in the open market, the fact that Section 8 apartment has been close for…

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