Homeless Students Who Achieved Academic Greatness

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Homeless Students who Achieved Academic Greatness Just because you are going through a lot in your life doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful. There are some remarkable young men and women who have proved that even in the worst of circumstances and while facing extreme hardship, if a person is motivated they can still achieve academic bravado. The following stories about a few of these young people who went through a majorly stressful situation of homelessness and still had success in the classroom are some that we here at www.schoolmatters2me.com applaud, and we hope that they inspire you to do your best, even when you feel like you are going through the worst of times. The Struggle to Graduate amongst Violence Graduating from a school with surroundings as dangerous as those at Anacostia High School in Southeast Washington, DC is not just an achievement of academic success, but one of extreme bravery and persistence. Imagine having to be escorted by police every day as you leave your school because of gang violence that surrounds the campus, then having to go home and study, pretending like none of that just happened. Well, that’s what Rasheema Melson and her classmates earlier this year had to do many days during their high school years. But they made it through, and have recently received their high school diplomas as the proud class of 2014. Rasheema’s story is one that stood out. While many of her classmates…
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