Homeless : The Homeless Community

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Homelessness in America
Shelby Bremer
Rock Port R-II

There are many different reasons why people go homeless. There are several statistics given about the homeless community. Most readers know that over half of all homeless people are unemployed and have never held a job with-in the last two years. Many homeless are often homeless due to mental illness or at one point in their lives having a drug and alcohol addiction. Many homeless vary in age and race. Some have higher percentages than others.

Homelessness in America

Homelessness is a synonym for hopelessness. Homelessness has been a continuous growing problem in America for the last several decades. As the American juggernaut grew in its industrial strength in the twentieth Century, with its cities expanding with the working middle class, so has the plight of homelessness. Despite numerous governmental programs and measures, every year for the last ten years the homeless rate in the United States has risen, out-paced toppling all the other modernized countries. Homelessness, of course is only the symptom, a product of the nation’s true and along with it, the unemployment and poverty of the nation. But, homelessness includes the working poor as well. Over fifty nine point seven percent of the working homeless only made close to one thousand dollars a year, and could not afford even low income longer afford housing. Homelessness includes the sick and mentally ill.

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