Homeless Today : Young Adults, Adolescents And Their Families

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Homeless in America: Young Adults, Adolescents and Their Families Sophie Homic California University of Pennsylvania SOW 405 Research Methods Marianne Dimatteo October 17, 2014 Introduction Walking through a major city or metropolitan area there are a countless number of people who are wearing old and ripped clothing, carrying bags or pushing grocery carts full of junk, looking like they have not bathed in weeks and most of them holding signs begging for change just so they can eat something that day. Over the past eight years the amount of homeless individuals has continuously decreased throughout the country. Homelessness in America is a serious problem, especially with higher rates in unemployment happening. Americans are unable to support themselves and with lack of family support, resources and abilities this is leading to homelessness. “On a single night in January 2013, 610,042 people were experiencing homelessness” (Endhomelessness.org, 2014), which has decreased significantly since 2005 in which the number was over 100,000 more at 763,010. This is still an astounding number and these individuals and families need more resources and support. There are resources for those experiencing homelessness, but it is unlikely these individuals will know about these resources unless they are actively looking for help. The most obvious problem with being homeless is unavailability to housing, but there are shelters and programs that homeless individuals can
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