Homeless Veterans Are Becoming More Prevalent Of The United States

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INTRODUCTION American homeless veterans are becoming more prevalent in the United States. Research will show that American veterans are an overrepresented population among the homeless in the U.S. A homeless veteran is an individual who lives on the streets, in abandoned buildings, vehicles, encampments, shelters, or transitional housing (Veterans Today, 2013). As a matter of fact, homeless veterans do not have a permanent residence under their control. Homelessness in general includes those who fit what Martha Burt, et al. (2004) called “street homeless”, which they defined as single adults who spend a lot of time on the streets; and the “chronically homeless”, which they defined as “being disabled and either continuously homeless for a year or more or having at least four homeless episodes during the last three years.” In all honesty, cities across the country are faced with challenges and disparities of homeless American veterans. Homelessness is visible in various ways in our local and state communities. It is the empirical individual standing at the intersection holding a printed sign of “Homeless – God Bless you”, an individual pushing a grocery cart filled with clothing, sticks, and other personal belongings. By the same token, these homeless individuals may also be seen pitching an old make ship tent under overpasses, and in nearby wooded areas. As a United States Veteran, it is discouraging and disheartening to see signs that read “Homeless Veteran –
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