Homeless Veterans Of Fayetteville Arkansas Needs Assessment

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Homeless Veterans of Fayetteville Arkansas Needs Assessment The population of focus for this needs assessment is homeless veterans in Northwest Arkansas; we explored many factors that causes homelessness within this population. Target Population More than one-third of homeless adults interviewed for the Northwest Arkansas PIT census were veterans of the United States armed forces (Collier, Fitzpatrick, & O’Connor, 2015). The majority of the veterans interviewed were 92.5% male, 79.3% were white, and more than half were over the age of 45 (Collier, Fitzpatrick, & O’Connor, 2015). All of this data combined shows that the majority of the homeless veterans are from the Vietnam era (Collier, Fitzpatrick, & O’Connor, 2015). According to the Northwest Arkansas Homeless Report of all the homeless men that were surveyed about 48.6% were veterans and of all the homeless women surveyed only 18% were veterans (Collier, Fitzpatrick, & O’Connor, 2015). Target Population Needs Veterans, like anyone else, seek services such as secure housing, nutritional meals, basic physical health care, substance abuse care and aftercare, mental health counseling, personal development and empowerment. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a huge government organization that supports the veteran population by providing services in healthcare. Each year, VA’s specialized homelessness programs provide health care to almost 150,000 homeless veterans in the USA and other services to

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