Homeless Veterans: The Fight at Home

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For over a decade these men and women of our armed forces have been returning home from the conflicts overseas; each year their presence in the homeless community has increased significantly. The reintegration from a structured military lifestyle to a lax civilian life can make adjusting difficult for service members. These men and women, who have fought for our way of life, return to the States to find themselves fighting for a place to call home. The number of homeless veterans increases every year due to the financial strains, engagement in risky behaviors and mental health disorders that soldiers are faced with while trying to reintegrate in to civilian life. After serving in the military for a number of years with a guaranteed paycheck, some soldiers have a harder time remaining financially stable when transitioning into the civilian world. Often soldiers will leave the military without the appropriate funds set up, such as a savings account with enough money to cover expenses while moving or looking for another place of employment. They are often unable to set up a budget to prevent over spending and heading farther in to debt. While in the military, service members are more likely to resort to using payday advances, which takes away from future earnings and has high interest rates; resulting in a cycle of loans and…
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