Homeless Women: Demographics and Interventions

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Homeless Women: Demographics and Interventions
Typically I only see men on the streets begging; however the number of homeless women is increasing, especially homeless women with children. In this paper I will focus on homeless women by defining this issue and discussing the demographics of the women. I will address the types of interventions that have been implemented to help homeless women. Then I will discuss what research still needs to be done concerning homeless women. Finally, I will suggest which social services and social policies should be considered for further intervention and how these suggestions support the core social work values.
Characteristics and Demographics
Homelessness can be defined as a person
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The workers at shelters helped the women’s emotional state at a critical time in their lives when they have no one else. Multiple-family groups (MFGs) were developed to help families who were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The participating families were recommended to the MFG’s by their shelter case workers to attend weekly meetings. These groups also attended weekend retreats to help strengthen families and to encourage families to have fun together. The majority of families, 57 percent, were African American and 77 percent of the families consisted of single mothers with children. The staff of the retreat included several social workers. The weekend retreat had four areas that they concentrated on. These areas were, building trust, effective communication, managing stress, and decision making responsibilities. Overall, “[t]he weekend retreat appears to provide the necessary conditions from which social support can be built and an opportunity for families to reduce their feelings of isolation, anxiety, and helplessness” (Davey, 2004). This retreat helps families realize that they are not alone in their situation. It gives them hope and reassurance that they will be alright. Several of the families involved did not complete the full eight weeks of this program because they had found proper and affordable
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