Homeless Women Essay

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When asked why she chooses not to hold social connection to men, she connects it to the abuse she endured from her last partner and the lack of trust she has for men. At one point, Interviewee 3 was asked how she manages to live without complete fear when there are more homeless men than women. She stated that because she is a woman, it is easier to find shelters or resources, in which she spends the majority of her time. According to our textbook, shelters are typically the only safety net for some women, especially those who have been the victims of abuse and violence (Bruhn, 2011). Next, Interviewee 3 was asked how she would describe her current social networks and how she was able to stay connected as a homeless woman on the streets…show more content…
The sub-community chosen within the larger Gainesville community was the homeless community and 3 individuals from various backgrounds were chosen- a male in his late 40s who has faced struggles with drugs, a 36 year old male who has been homeless for much of his life, and a woman who found a sense of community through others who have helped her through her period of hardship. While the questions elicited various responses, as well as different experiences there are many similarities between each of the…show more content…
Interviewee 1 and Interviewee 3 both stated that they shared relationships with other homeless people. Interviewee 1 stated that is was oftentimes a means of information while Interviewee 3 stated she did so as a way of watching out for other homeless women on the streets of Gainesville. Furthermore, Interviewee 3 did not delve into much detail when asked about his relationship with others in his sub-community; however, he did state his lack of communication with others because of a fear of being perceived negatively, in part due to his alcohol
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