Essay on Homeless in America

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Homeless in America Homelessness affects millions of Americans each year, with approximately one third of this population suffering from severe mental disorders. In Las Cruces we have a number of homeless people that have a mental disorder. Las Cruces does not provide the homeless mentally ill with sufficient services. it is necessary to provide them with support, protection, treatment, and rehabilitation. Although surveys have been conducted defending that mental illness does cause homelessness. There are several arguments that personal disabilities such as mental illness, alcoholism, drug abuse and physical or mental handicaps are not the primary causes of homelessness. While these conditions make people more vulnerable to…show more content…
Yet the myth is perpetuated in the media that the majority of the homeless have a history of chronic mental illness (Timmer 82). We have very limited services in Las Cruces that we offer our homeless and mentally ill. There is a shelter called "Gospel Rescue Mission" it provides these vagrants with three meals a day, and shelters them in the the evening. The assistant manager stated, "They are allowed to stay three times a month or depending on the needs of the vagrants. As long as they are willing to cooperate with he workers and follow the rules they have at the shelter they are welcomed to stay (Smith, Telephone Interview). They also offer Bible study in the evening and offer spiritual counseling. I asked him, "Does your center help out with medications?" He stated, "No, we refer them to Southwest Counseling Center where they have to go through a screening process in order to receive medications." I contacted Southwest Counseling Center and asked what type of services they offered and asked what they do for the homeless and mentally ill patients? Jim Smith at the center stated, "We are a full service center and are run by legislative enactments. They have four main serves that the center provides: 1.) Substance Abuse; 2.) Mental Health; 3.) Children; 4.) Adult counseling. Any charges are according tot he income of the individual if they have any at all; otherwise services are free. I asked, "Does your clinic provide the mentally ill
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