Homeless in Ukraine

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Kabachenko N. (Ukraine) “The Problem of Homelessness in Ukraine” The paper presents a situation with homelessness in Ukraine. Particularly, the following aspects are covered: the legislation, the institutions which serve the homeless people, approaches to data collection methodology, causes of homelessness, challenges with establishing of the new services for homeless people and complications with research activity in this field. The Homeless Situation The situation with the homelessness in Ukraine is rather strained and deteriorating. Political and economic changes in Ukrainian society cause processes that lead to increase of number of homeless people. Big cities are most suffering from this problem, where a…show more content…
It is wrongly believed that all Reception Centre clients have criminal past. But according to the personal of Reception Centres only part of clients have criminal past and ex-prisoners experience. Sometimes the homeless are asking to let them stay for few periods in the Receptions because of the cold weather, lack of food or illness. This situation creates some kind of ethic dilemma for directors of Receptions because to do it means to break the law but not to do means to leave a person in an extraordinary situation without help. According to the data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there were more than 40,000 homeless persons in Ukraine in 2005. This information can only partially clarify the problem, since those numbers include people who attracted attention of the militia officers by their behaviour and the prosecutor’s sanction was obtained to keep the person in that unit. The people whose behaviour did not give any reasons for detention and homeless women make most of the number or larger part of it in comparison to that given above. Militia officers also mention that they arrest people who do vagrancy, mendicancy or begging. But as a rule they do not detain those with signs of severe illnesses, elderly people and women who don’t demonstrate asocial behaviour. Another big group, which also is included into general number of homeless people in Ukraine, is the

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