Homelessness : A Serious Social Problem

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Homelessness is a serious social problem in most American cities. Homeless people are those who sleep in the open air or in provisional accommodation such as shelters or hotels, have no settlement after expulsion or release from jail or hospital, or dwell provisionally with relatives or friends on account of shortage of housing (Crane et al. 154-155). American economy has developed very fast since 1980s, but homeless population has been increasing. They seem to be seen here and there in public place and are usually associated with poverty, insecurity, drug addiction, crimination, illness and other negative impacts on a society. In San Francisco, officially there are about 6,400 homeless people (Roberts). “According to a poll from San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, homelessness has overtaken affordability as the No. 1 concern among San Francisco residents” (Green). These data indicate that this issue gets more and more attentions, and now it is a crisis that requires immediate action. Though the local government is trying to move homeless people in houses from streets by planning to build more transitional housing centers, the result upsets residents as there are still many homeless people in this city. Besides, it is not a particular social problem in San Francisco, but it exists in most American cities and in other countries all over the world. Therefore, in hope of having some reference value for solving this problem in other cities or countries, this essay identifies the
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