Homelessness Among American Veterans Research

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Homelessness Among American Veterans Research Paper An issue that has been around for decades which still remains in the United Sates today is homelessness among veterans. Vanessa Turner has a story that needs to be heard by many. As a homeless veteran, Turner joined the U.S. military in 1997 and later, proudly advanced to the rank of a sergeant. In 2003, Turner suffered from a traumatic injury while serving in Iraq. In suffocating 130-degrees fahrenheit heat, Turner fell into a coma and nearly died of heart failure. Immediately, she was brought to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C., treated, and released with a pending medical discharge. After Turner’s release, both her and her daughter had no residency and no permanent health care plan. In attempt to make a stable living to sustain herself and her daughter, they often temporarily moved between family to friends’ apartments, never actually having a place to call home. In an effort to receive help from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center was very frustrating; she was told she had to wait months simply to get medical attention. Again when Turner requested for her belongings to be shipped back from her unit’s base in Germany, they told her she had to obtain transportation to Germany at her own expense, which she was unable to do because of the amount of money that it would cost, unfortunately resulting in not getting her property back. Vanessa Turner is just one of many homeless veterans who are
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