Homelessness Among Families With Children

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Homelessness among families with children in an increasing problem in the United States today (Martin, 2014). A single mother with two to three children is among the fastest growing homeless demographic (Bassuk, 2010). Research shows that root causes for homelessness among families with children include, a lack of affordable housing, unemployment, domestic violence and substance abuse. Furthermore, studies support that homelessness negatively affects families with children by resulting in shelter living, a decline in mental and physical health, a break down in the family structure and poor academic performance (National Coalition for the Homeless, 2009). Legislation implemented to address homelessness among families consisted of the Homeless Person’s Survival Act, the McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act(National Coalition for the Homeless, 2006), and the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001(U. S. Board of Education, 2004). Although, these programs were designed to improve the circumstances surrounding homelessness, more programs are still needed to combat this social problem. Human service professionals must continue to advocate for more policy changes and legislation that will positively impact and reduce the number of homeless families with children.

Understanding Homelessness and the Effects on Families with Children Homelessness among families with children has become an increasing social problem in society. Today, a single mother with two to three
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