Homelessness Among Veterans of the U.S. Military Essay

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2. Contributing Factors The presence of additional risk for homelessness specifically associated with Veteran status is puzzling in that it occurs among a population that shows better outcomes on almost all socioeconomic measures and that has exclusive access to an extensive system of benefits that include comprehensive healthcare services, disability and pension assistance, and homeless services (Fargo, et al, 24). In spite of having many advantages, veterans over-represent in the homeless population. The question “Why?” begs an answer. Forty years have passed since the Vietnam Conflict ended and homeless veterans became a representative image in American society. Surprisingly, it appears there are no studies on the factors contributing…show more content…
3. Current Solutions To achieve the goal of ending homelessness among veterans by 2015, the VA has numerous programs. These include providing healthcare, rehabilitation services, employment assistance, and transitional housing for veterans, and supportive services for the families of veterans to help them better understand and deal with conditions the veteran spouse may have. Additionally, the VA works with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide long-term housing solutions for homeless veterans (Homeless Veterans, For Homeless Veterans). In addition to programs of the federal government, many private organizations work to prevent or end the homelessness of veterans. For example, the Wounded Warrior Project assists wounded veterans to help them recover from their physical and/or mental injuries and reintegrate into productive roles in society. Enabling them to provide for themselves, helps prevent them from becoming homeless (How We Serve). The American Legion has a Homeless Veterans Task Force to address the problem of veteran homelessness. They also work with federal organizations in drafting laws and policies to care for veterans’ needs, as well as working with corporate partners to promote hiring of veterans (Homeless Veterans (The American Legion)). The Disabled American Veteran (DAV) organization works with veterans to help them get the
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