Homelessness : An Crippled Problem

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Jasmine Berry Professor Mary

Rhet 101

12 June 2014 Homelessness: an Undermined Problem in Society In America we have a deliberate problem with just neglecting to deal with serious issues. Why is it that instead of finding a solution to solving homelessness in America, we keep constantly sweeping the problem out of the public’s eye? We act as if this dilemma that affects more than 3.5 million of Americans each year does not matter. This concept boggles my mind to the point of exhaustion, thinking about the way things should be in reality to what they are. Human compassion should be something that everyone has and feels for one another, considering that we all are human beings. However, this is not the case. It is not okay to treat others as if they do not matter and dehumanize them just because they are homeless. It is sort of misfortunate how we walk pass homeless people almost every day and try to ignore the fact that they exist and are human beings just like everyone else. Why is this? It is because, instead of dealing with the problem, we just want to find a quick fix to getting rid of the issue instead of solving it. What has our society come to that degrading a group of people has become acceptable? Are we that insensitive of a culture that instead of solving the problem we just decided to ignore it? Most of the time we judge or throw all homeless people into the one category of being bums who are on the street,…
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