Homelessness And Its Effects On Society

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“It’s time to declare a war on homelessness, which is evolving into a crisis,” proclaimed Mayor Kirk Caldwell in The Honolulu Star Advertiser. (Katel, 841-864) Homelessness has become a widely known issue in the United States. Many people today are living in the streets without a source of food, water, or a place to sleep at night. Some who are among the homeless include the elderly, children, and those who are mentally ill. This is a cause for concern for citizens who are living their daily lives. Some people express their fear of homeless persons, believing that they are just beggars for money and take up space on the streets. Although the description homeless people is not always true, homelessness does affect society and puts the future generation at risk of becoming homeless as well. People need to bring attention to the homeless problem across the United States so action can be taken and change will take place. Homelessness can be divided into two groups: people who are homeless, and those who are chronically homeless. According to The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), homelessness includes those who are “living in dwellings unfit for human habitation, in emergency shelters or temporary housing, and/or leaving such a place.” (Katel, 841-864) On the other hand, those who are considered “chronically homeless” are usually homeless for one or more years and have a disability or some kind of addiction. Today, homelessness is not a new issue America is

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