Homelessness And Its Effects On The West And West

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“The Bottom”, a 1.2 square mile community in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with many needs for uplifting and improvement by interstate 10 to the north and east and by highways to the south and west. Housing is substandard compared to other parts of the greater Baton Rouge area. Homelessness is apparent. There is an abundance of foot or bicycle traffic from both kids and adults. Businesses are of typical corner stores with no major grocery or retail business. The unemployment rate is 15% in this area and the poverty rate is about 58% from single family homes. (The Greater Baton Rouge Commnity Health Needs Assessment, 2011). The crime rate stays among the higher end when compared to other Baton Rouge neighborhoods. There are many…show more content…
Pastors have been instrumental in starting health programs and are sensitive to the needs of their congregation and the surrounding community of the church (Butler-Ajibade, P., Booth, W., Burwell, D., Burwell, C., 2012). Also, the members of the church have always utilized the church and the pastor for spiritual guidance, social needs, and health support or assistance (Ford, 2013). Pastors are also aware of the needs of their community and the community is willing to listen to them viewing them as spiritual leaders as well as educators (Ford 2013). Other Potential Partner Another needed partner is a medical professional to provide the resources and education. The church would invite members that are medical professionals to help organize and facilitate the health fair. This could allow more members to be willing to participate in the fair because the information is received from someone they know and trust (Ford, 2013). Any necessary equipment and supplies could be solicited by those professional church members. Scripts I, George St. Julien, am a registered nurse, currently in the RN-to-BSN program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I am interested in implementing a health fair at your church. In conducting a community needs assessment of the neighborhood I examined various characteristics of the area. When focusing on the health needs of the
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