Homelessness And The Homeless Community

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We have all seen it before. The man sitting on the cold street possessing only a few rudimentary goods while begging for food or the woman holding her child’s hand while asking for spare change. Some people saunter by these downtrodden individuals unconcerned, while others give them sympathetic looks and drop a few coins in their cups. We are aware of homelessness, almost too aware and yet we go on with our lives without further regard. Homelessness has become such an epidemic in the United States that it is normal and practically expected to be seen in our urban streets. Homelessness is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as, “Having no home or permanent residence.” While that is true, there are many other dynamics that come into play with this social problem. Without proper housing, the homeless community is more susceptible to violence, disease, weather conditions, hunger and ultimately death. We all recognize homelessness but what can we do to help those in need? Having grown up less than an hour away from San Francisco, my family would make frequent trips to the city. In the city, encountering victims of homelessness is inevitable. In my younger years I could not help myself and would stare at these people which was usually followed by me asking my parents questions like, “Why is that man sleeping on the ground?”. Though these questions were laced in innocence, they still hold significance today. Why is homelessness so prevalent and what are we doing as a
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