Homelessness And The Homeless Community Essay

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RUNNING HEADER: CHILDREN IN THE HOMELESS COMMUNITY 1 The Effects of Children in the Homeless Community Christina Sanchez Research Paper Hobo, beggar, and bum are just a few terms used in society today to describe the homeless community. Today, more and more individuals and families are becoming homeless and majority of them never imagined being homeless. This tragic event could happen to anyone. There is not a guide created to overcome the barriers of homelessness or a "how to manual" when an individual or family is faced with homelessness. "Homelessness occurs when people or households are unable to acquire and/or maintain housing" (End Homelessness, 2016). According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness; "families experiencing homelessness are generally similar to other housed families living in poverty" (End Homelessness, 2016). These are just some of the issues that can cause homelessness. This paper will discuss how school aged students are affected by homelessness and the available interventions that are available to those in the homeless community. " In January 2015, 564, 708 people were homeless" (Henry, Shivji, De Sousa, & Cohen, 2015). It is reported 69 percent of the 564, 708 were residing in a residential program for homelessness and 31 percent were found in unsheltered locations. Accoring to the U.S. Deprtment of Housing, " nearly one-quarter of all the homeless people were children, under the age of 18. Nine
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