Homelessness Conflict And Safety Outcomes

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Homelessness Conflict and Safety Outcomes
As the population of the United States continues to become more diverse, healthcare providers should effectively communicate with each patient regardless of their culture, nationality, religion or socioeconomic status. Nurses and other providers should be delivering patient centered care that is culturally competent. “Culture also includes the integrated pattern of thoughts, communications, actions, customs, beliefs, values, and institutions associated, wholly or partially, with racial, ethnic, or linguistic groups, as well as with religious, spiritual, biological, geographical, or sociological characteristics” (Lamb, 2014, p. 132). Nurses are caring for a wide variety of culturally diverse patients and the role of culture, language, and communication is vital to enhanced patient safety and patient outcomes (Lamb, 2014, p. 130). The homeless population is often misunderstood; they seek care for chronic condition in the emergency department, their needs are minimized and they face barrier to getting the medical care they so desperately need.
Conflict/Communication and Safety Outcomes
As nurses, we view and define health and illness through our own cultural lens. Each one is influenced by our cultural beliefs, even though these beliefs may change with each new experience. Cultural awareness is when an individual becomes aware of their values, beliefs, practices, and perceptions (Lamb, 2014, p.132). In order to stay culturally…
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