Homelessness Discursive

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Homelessness is seen as a controversial subject that statistics show is on the increase. This makes homelessness a problem in society that cannot be ignored. Firstly, let us examine some of the causes of homelessness and views about the homeless and from the homeless. Also, let us examine some initiatives that may help or solve the problem of homelessness.

After extensive research, it can be seen that there are many reasons for becoming homeless such as: family problems, debt, drink and drug abuse and arguments in a family. Some people who become homeless are homeless because of debt. This happens when people do not have enough money and have to borrow loans which they cannot pay back. This can lead to homelessness.

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The next two people have posted on this site how they feel. Here, Vicky explains how she feels when people pass her:

“The worst thing for me was people looking at me in disgust. I had no control over my appearance… When I begged for spare change I could see the disgust in peoples‘ eyes.”

Vicky must feel horrible when people look at her in disgust and she might be worried that if she asks for help they might just turn her away. Her personal problem which has arisen from being homeless is one of low self esteem.

Darren comments:

“I have been back home now for almost a year. My parents and me, we patched things up. It got so bad on the streets that I phoned home one night… It was that best decision I made… It is all horrible, especially in winter, but the worst thing is forgetting who you are and losing your identity. We go by street names and you start to think of yourself as a bit of the street rather than an individual person.”

Darren is lucky that he reconciled with his parents but others are not so lucky. This story shows that low self esteem can also lead to a lack of identity and eventually many homeless people feel that they are so unimportant that they disappear altogether. Vicky and Darren demonstrate that the homeless are individuals with individual worries and concerns.

Studies have shown that homelessness is very
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