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Recently on a Saturday morning while ignoring my traditional routine, I opted to make a run to my local Albertson's bakery to acquire some donuts for a nutritional family breakfast. In doing so, I swung my car into its usual parking spot as if on auto drive. I opened my door on this unusually brisk morning to witness something that shook my comfy cozy surroundings. A mother and father were standing against a jalopy of a car the color of an Olympic gold metal gone unpolished for aeons. But what I saw, past the father's cardboard sign, was a gut wrenching sight of three children peering out of the auto's open window. Although these children had uncombed hair, dirty faces and runny noses, they bore
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I know this acknowledgement of my revelation seems pretentious, but nevertheless my conscious allowed me to overlook my arrogance. While in the store, I bought the doughnuts for my family along with some other items I needed. I also bought some basic necessities, such as diaper wipes, a gallon of whole milk, a loaf of bread, a pound of roast beef and a bunch of bananas. I asked that these items be bagged separately and added a twenty-dollar bill to the bag before exiting to the store. I strolled apprehensively to my vehicle making eye contact only with the father while handing him the bag. With a loss for words, the mother spoke first pleading, "thank you" while looking down the entire time during the exchange. The father never uttered a word, but threw his eyes I received a range of emotions from 'thanks' to 'anger of desperation.' I didn't linger on the moment. I again turned on my heel and walked to my car with my own groceries, never looking over my shoulder hoping the best for them and being very thankful that I myself was not in the possession of that father's eyes.

Today in America our urban homeless are numerous and apparent for the world to see. Our rural homeless are less fortunate and need individuals as well as public support and recognition. For we could easily be one of theme on any given day.

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