Homelessness : Homeless And Homeless

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This social issue is happening all around the world and has done for many years, since the 1800’s. It leaves people of all ages without a place to live, most commonly known as Homelessness. People who are homeless don’t have a safe and secure place to stay. They don’t maintain a regular housing system, they sleep on streets, jump from houses of friends and stay in shelters. People are put into the position of being homeless or choose to be homeless due to their housing environment that might not be the best and would rather be on the streets or in shelters. I’m here to state information about how people become homeless, figures of people who are homeless, reasons why homelessness occurs and preventions of homelessness.

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Amounts of People Effected

The ages of people who are effected by homelessness in Australia are high for people of younger ages then they are for older people.
- Under 12 (17,845)
- 12 – 18 (10,913)
- 19 – 24 (15,325)
- 25 – 34 (19,312)
- 35 – 44 (14,484)
- 45 – 54 (12,507)
- 55 – 64 (8,649)
- 65 – 74 (4,174)
- 75+ (2,028)
74.8% of male’s & 25.2% of female’s are staying in boarding house
67.6% of male’s & 32.4% of female’s are sleeping rough
49% of male’s & 51% of female’s are staying in a homeless shelter.

In the USA things are partly the same, single males and females are also struggling but families struggle just as much. The amount of homeless people have ranged from six hundred thousand to three

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