Homelessness, Housing And Or Child Welfare

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Do you have at least 5 years Human Services experience in the areas of homelessness, housing and/or child welfare? Yes No *2. Tell us about your experience in Human Services, in each of the areas below: (a) homelessness (b) housing (c) child welfare (d) racial equity (if any) (a) homelessness - I’ve worked serving the homeless in many capacities that encompass my experiences a Social Worker, a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem (VGAL), and a Volunteer at Teen Hope. I’ve also frequently work serving the homeless by distributing clothing donations at Seattle’s Outdoor Meal Site on the corner of 6th Ave & Columbia St. (b) housing - I’ve performed outreach, advocated, and assisted in locating suitable housing for case participants as a Social Worker, a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem, and Volunteer at Teen Hope. (c) child welfare - Previously as a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem, I served as a legal court-appointed Special Advocate on behalf of foster children in cases of child neglect. My duties included, but were not limited to working with a team of caseworkers and investigators conducting research and analysis to advocate for case participants needs. Recently I’ve obtained position with the State of Washington as a Social Worker for the Child Protective Services Division investigating complaints and supervising children awaiting placement. (d) racial equity (if any) – Although I do not have any direct experience in Racial Equity promotion, I believe institutional

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