Homelessness In Philadelphia

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In the city of Philadelphia, one of the most prominent social issues is homelessness. Homelessness simply is the state when someone does not have a physical residence and resorts to living in public either on the street, in public places, and/or in public buildings. People often become homeless after living in poverty for quite some time, another huge issue in the city of Philadelphia. Personally, I am aware that walking around the city, whether on campus or downtown, I am more likely than not going to see at least one homeless person. There has been a lot of research done on the homeless and impoverished in Philadelphia and there were some very surprising statistics that were revealed. Based on these statistics, many claims also regard the…show more content…
Without a doubt, this policy was seen as flawed by many, being satisfactory in some respects but also unsatisfactory in others. After having his team do some evaluation research on the effectiveness of this ban, new and incumbent Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney decided to do some policy making of his own to negate the ban. In July of 2016, Kenney removed the ban, reverting things back to how they used to be. Initially, “many claimed the controversial ban targeted the city’s homeless population and attempted to hide or displace the homeless” (Sasko). The critiques to this policy were mainly along the lines of it being excessive, but it also was seen as insufficient and misguided as well, but while Nutter was in office he still saw the potential effectiveness of the ban so he let it linger. Now that Kenney is in office, he took his stand against this policy. In the press release regarding the lifting of the ban, Kenney states, “The solution to homelessness and hunger is not to stigmatize it and hide it from public view” (Sasko). As it has been mentioned, the homeless are often stigmatized, and here Kenney is standing up for them and trying to improve a difficult situation. While there is no doubt that Nutter had good intent in trying to improve the social issue of homelessness with his initial plan, his policy…show more content…
One major issue with social problems is that since they are called problems, people tend to think there is a solution. However, as we have seen with the lack of space for shelter and the Nutter policy, there may not be one exact solution, so homelessness is more of a social condition. The statistics found in the city conducted surveys provide the grounds for the claims about the seriousness of claims of homelessness as a social issue in Philadelphia. The stigma associated with the homeless illustrates that the public sees homeless people differently from others. The media coverage of the homeless frames the news stories so that people tend to see the homeless people in a negative light. Policymakers have attempted to resolve the social conditions revolving homelessness, but are still yet to find that perfect solution. The outcomes of these policies show that there is yet to be a sufficient policy for the homeless and treatment of them. Without a doubt, homelessness is a large social issue in the city of Philadelphia and by analyzing it through the social problems process it is evident how severe an issue it is and how difficult it is to find a
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