Homelessness Is A Big Global Problem

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What do people think of homelessness? People think that they are people who can’t get a job and are too lazy to work.Seeing people on the streets, some yelling at others, some sleeping on the ground with no roof over their head,digging in the recycle to get as many bottles they can for money.Imagine living on the streets with not much food to spare or and love to spread,just concrete maybe a cardboard and a small blanket is all homeless will have. We can do so much more to help them. We can give them food drives, make apartments for them, get the education they need and so much more! It would be like having a baby born and teaching its way to a good life. Homelessness is a big global problem and we can solve it just by donating,caring, volunteering,and helping the whole world become a better place and having fantastic lives. This paper will discuss about homelessness, it will be discovered in it’s history,effects, and solutions. Homelessness is a temporary condition that people fall into when they cannot afford to pay for a place to live, or when their current home is unsafe or unstable.Homeless can be considered as living in a place where they have no right to stay, living in a home that they can no longer pay, and living separated from their families. Over 564,708 people are homeless,that is about half a million and this is only in the US! Can you imagine how many are in the world? A quarter of them are children. Tens of thousands of veterans are homeless. Our people that
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