Homelessness Is A Whole Spectrum

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In the United States, almost 2 people out of every 1000 people experience homelessness (National Alliance to End Homelessness). In 2014, statistics have revealed that on any given night, almost half a million people experienced homelessness. Many people have a misconception that homelessness simply means living on the street. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development suggests homelessness is a whole spectrum. According to the HUD, people experiencing homelessness are people who don’t have a fixed and regular residence (shelter, house, hotel, etc…), people running away from all sorts of domestic violence and sexual abuse, and/or people living in places not intended for residence, such as streets, cars, etc...(U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development). Regardless of what definition society uses, homelessness is, and will always be, unjust.
According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, humans can’t reach self-actualization or have high self-esteem if they haven’t met the most basic needs: physiological needs and safety. People experiencing homelessness hardly ever get full meals during the day, or enough sleep during the night. A lot of them also have no kind of safety, whether it be resources, family, or simply a job. Lack of security needs usually results in the lack of stimulation/motivation needs or status needs. These people experiencing homelessness are therefore stuck at the bottom of the pyramid, regardless of how hard they try to climb it
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