Homelessness Is A Year Round Issue

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Homelessness is a year round issue that needs to be addressed. People that are homeless will most likely commit to crime, because it is almost impossible for homeless people get a job. Think about it, a job application requires a home address, phone number to get in contact with and social insurance number. Those are all things a homeless person lacks. The origin of homelessness can be traced all the way back to colonial America. Homelessness arise during the American Revolution and Civil War. It is still an ongoing issue today in the City of Philadelphia. It has become a problem today due to factors such as, unemployment, insecure jobs, low incomes, addictions, and mental issues.
There are specific statistics that illustrates the magnitude of the issue. According to Penn Current, there are approximately five thousand individuals that are homeless in Philadelphia. An article written by RRI, mentioned that there are one point five million people living in Philadelphia and almost twenty-six percent are below poverty level. Newswork provided the statistic showing forty percent homeless youths are LGBT. As for adults, about thirty-five percent are homeless due to lost of job, nine percent are due to alcohol or drug addictions, ten percent are disabled or suffering from mental illness, ten percent are due to change in family status, another ten percent are due to incarceration, fifteen percent are due to inability to pay bills, and eleven percent are due to abuse. As a
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