Homelessness Is An Epidemic That Plagues Many People Across The United States

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Homelessness is an epidemic that plagues many people across the United States for many different reasons. However, for young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, living homeless can become especially difficult. Young people of the LGBT community are being put out of their homes, rejected by their families, and shunned by their communities in which they live because of their sexual orientation, something that they themselves have no choice over. This is because of prejudices that are put out by the community as a whole.
It is difficult enough growing up as part of a minority group such as the LGBT group, but add homelessness into the equation, there becomes other consequences that a young person of this particular
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S., Shtasel, D., & Bassuk, E. L., 2014). Psychiatric problems and homelessness is being caused very much by a lack of social support that is given to them, as well as negative social relationships, and the events in their lives that cause stress (Keuroghlian, A. S., Shtasel, D., & Bassuk, E. L., 2014).
The young people of the LGBT community do in fact have increased risks when it comes to their mental health. For example: Compared to homeless youth that identify as heterosexual, LGBT adolescents are more likely to have major depressive episodes (41.3% vs. 28.5%), suicidal thoughts (73% vs. 53.2%), at least one suicide attempt (57.1% vs. 33.7%), and posttraumatic stress disorder (47.6% vs. 33.4%) (Keuroghlian, A. S., Shtasel, D., & Bassuk, E. L., 2014). It is also shown that homeless youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, ranging from 13 to 21 years of age are more apt than youth who identify as heterosexual to experience and report symptoms of depression and use street drugs such as, methamphetamines, cocaine and or crack (Keuroghlian, A. S., Shtasel, D., & Bassuk, E. L., 2014).
Though it has been seen that heterosexual homeless youth do partake in illegal drug and alcohol use, their homosexual counter parts initiate use earlier. For youth who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered, substance use tends to begin after they are forced on the street becoming homeless, which suggests that illegal drug and alcohol and drug use is most likely a
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