Homelessness Is Becoming More And More Common As Time Passes

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Poverty is becoming more and more common as time passes. There are many people that don’t eat for months because they live on the street. People are starving as we speak. We use the term “starving” loosely, but do we actually know what it’s like to starve? We have approximately 35 million poverty-stricken people in America. How many does that make in the world? Too many! Day by day there are more people losing their homes. Some are losing their homes because of financial issues such as not receiving enough salary and going bankrupt. Others do not even have a job to begin with such as veterans who have came back from serving our country. Homelessness has become an even bigger issue due to our own people. This is because of the criticism a…show more content…
Our lifestyle has transformed many of us to the point that we barely recognize such a person as human. Some of us readily adopt animals into our homes while our brothers and sisters nearly freeze to death on the street. And yet, this homeless phenomenon, is virtually nonexistent in some of the poorest communities in the world. In Hertz’s article, he talks about how he is approached by many people who express their bewilderment that a community with such high concentration of wealth has a problem with homelessness. Hertz is the manager of a homeless service agency based in Oakland County. This shows that even in wealthy places such as Oakland County there are problems such as homelessness. It is not an anomaly that there are many people among us who struggle to survive and meet their basic needs while the majority of us with unprecedented material wealth and comfort. Hertz says, “There are reasons to be hopeful, and while I may be saddened that there is a need for it in the first place, I am proud that the organization where I work exists. In the mid-80s, a group of churches began to organize themselves around the problem of homelessness, and more than 25 years later South Oakland Shelter (SOS) coordinates 67 partner congregations and more than 8,000 volunteers of diverse faiths working together to put an end to homelessness in
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