Homelessness Is On The Rise

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Homelessness in Hawaii In Honolulu, homelessness is on the rise. People become homeless and experience poverty for a number of different reasons. Anderson states that, “However, during the last decade, the scarcity of affordable housing-coupled with other social and economic changes-thrust many new faces into the homeless population” (13). In 2013 the Department of Housing and Urban Development stated that the state of Hawaii has the second largest population of homeless people (Nagourney). In Honolulu, the price of housing is extremely high and jobs are scarce. It is becoming difficult to survive in Honolulu. The poor are experiencing poverty people with out any source of income are forced to live on the streets. There are not enough homeless shelters for every homeless person in Honolulu, so those that are unable to live in a shelter end up living in the streets. The homeless is becoming an issue for the state of Hawaii in Honolulu because Honolulu depends on tourisms. The Homeless are pushed all around Honolulu because the government does not want tourist to see homeless people. In Honolulu, homeless people are struggling to survive, they are treated unfairly, and the government is not doing enough to help the situation. First of all, homeless people in Honolulu are struggling to survive. They are starving, dirty, and tired. There are over a thousand people that live on the streets with no place to call home. People from the mainland moved to Honolulu because they were
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