Homelessness Postmodernist and Feminist Perspective

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Karen Anderson Social analysis – Homelessness Feminist and postmodernist perspectives ACAP Being Homeless in Australia, what does that actually mean? The statistics show that homelessness in Australia is a growing and a concerning problem involving people from all walks of life and in all parts of Australia. This paper will examine the evidence of homelessness and analyse the media’s coverage of homelessness with postmodernist theory and then the feminist theory. The feminist perspective in the media is a view on homelessness as something that may be brought about by oppression from patriarchy, capitalism or imperialism and that women as a group need to set forth to create infrastructures to assist women in need from not just homelessness…show more content…
Postmodernism Baudrillard emphasised signs that represent reality in human life and the “simulacrum” being an image that is not what it appears to be.(Van Kreiken.,Habibis.,Smith.,Hutchins.,Haralambos.,& Holborn, 2006, p. 675) The media sometimes offers to its viewers the image of the homeless as deviants, the old drunk on the park bench, or the bag lady with her shopping trolley, when in reality homelessness effects all ages, genders and ethnicities ( ref ? ). When journalists use terms like “homeless drunks bumming a cigarette”(Albrechtsen, 2010) they paint an image that is inconsistent with what is actually occurring in society. Lyotard regarded language games as a distracter, and the rules of language in institutions precluding innovation and new thought.(Lyotard, 1984) The Age Headlines “Rudd fluffed a chance at real health reform” Inferring that the Labour Party had not considered the fact, that everything in society is linked to something else. Therefore, the Health reform had not addressed homelessness as a cause for mental illness and substance abuse, and was not addressing primary care and prevention (Davidson, 2010) , in effect not opening the

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