Homelessness : Poverty And Lack Of Permanent And Stable Housing

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Homelessness is the situation where individuals lack safe and adequate housing resulting in sleeping in the streets, their cars, and family or friends homes or in shelters. According to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), a homeless person is an individual who does not a have a permanent residence place, but rather has a temporary nighttime residence which is not designed for the accommodation of human beings (National Health Care for the Homeless Council, n.d.) Such nighttime residences include abandoned buildings, camping grounds, car parks and bus stations among others. Other agencies define homelessness as a situation whereby an individual lacks the necessary resources or networks to obtain permanent residence. Although there are different ways in which people experience homelessness, all types of homelessness are characterized by poverty and lack of permanent and stable housing. Homelessness can be short-term, long-term or even chronic. Regardless of the type of homelessness, the underlying intervention to end the issue of homelessness is to have measures or strategies that provide permanent and affordable housing to the homeless (National Alliance to End Homelessnes, 2015). The following essay is a proposal on how best to help the homeless in the community. The essay will begin with a brief analysis or statistics of the problem in the US. The essay will also outline the main reasons attributed to homelessness.
State of homelessness in
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