Homelessness : The Logical Solution

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Homelessness: The Logical Solution
Homelessness is an issue, which plagues millions of Americans on a daily-basis. The current mainstream method of dealing with this issue has proven to be inefficient and extremely expensive, a burden which is passed onto society, despite the plethora of alternative methods which have a proven success rate and also have a much larger cost when compared to that associated with general homelessness in the country.


Homelessness in New York is not a new phenomenon, a plague that sprung as a consequence of the city’s rapid economic development. There is evidence that it dates back to at least the colonial era, although the sheer volumes of people who experience homelessness have increased tremendously. The first big wave of homelessness was caused by the Great Depression of the 1930’s, which dislocated millions of American families and made “homelessness a routine, persistent, visible feature of urban life,”(1) which affected a wide population of the country. After the 2008 financial collapse, homelessness again became a feature of the majority of large cities, and has been present in many small towns, a consequence of the latest recession, which affected millions of people.

Today, homelessness in America is experienced on a daily basis, by “at least 800,000 people, out of which about 200,00 are children in homeless families.”(2) It is without a surprise then that “nearly

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