Homelessness : The New York City Shelter System

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Homelessness in America Homelessness in America has been slowly decreasing since 2013. In 2014 the New York City shelter system reported an increase of seven percent, from 50,135 in 2013 to 53,615 in 2014. In 2013 more than 111,000 different New Yorkers looked to the shelter system to give them safety, this is also including 40,000 different children. Overall homelessness has dropped by at least 2.3 percent, homelessness has decreased among every subpopulation. Veterans make up 10.5 percent of all homeless people, Veteran homelessness has dropped down to 25.5 homeless veterans out of every 10,000 veterans. The New York shelter system does more than provide places to sleep. The New York, Times Square Homeless In-reach Center (Project FIND) provides a safe place for homeless seniors where they can shower, get food, and a meal. They will connect them with a social worker who can get them all of the benefits they need. It also gives them access to an onsite clinic to assess their medical and mental health. Some homeless seniors lost touch with family and friends, so they reconnect them with his/her supportive network. On average they place one formerly homeless seniors in housing every five and a half days- all year long. Veterans make up more than 10 ½ percent of the population in the United States, simply because what they’ve been through prevents them from having normal lives. Veterans out number every other subpopulation of homelessness. A majority of the states had
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