Homelessness : The Problem Of Homelessness

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There are many parts to the subject of homelessness, of course people talk about the solutions to it like The Ten Year Plan, then there is the history of it starting from the 1640’s. Also there is discussions about Homeless Shelters and more recently Anti-homeless Legislation. Then there are always the staggering statistics. The homeless is a very one minded topic for most. Most people think that the homeless should be helped, cared for, and educated for success. This is true (at least it is politically correct). Although Homelessness started in the 1640’s and has continued to be a problem today, now we have started to criminalize homelessness.

There have been Anti-homelessness legislations all over Los Angeles and other areas. These legislations have made it so that… “For thousands of homeless people across the country living in areas with "anti-homeless" laws, getting shut-eye could also mean getting handcuffed.” (Couch). There was an appeal to the court on December 6, 2005 between Jones and Los Angeles, "The facts underlying this appeal are largely undisputed. Edward Jones, Patricia Vinson, George Vinson, Thomas Cash, Stanley Barger, and Robert Lee Purrie ("Appellants") are homeless individuals who live on the streets of Los Angeles 's Skid Row district. Appellees are the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Police Department ("L.A.P.D.") Chief William Bratton, and Captain Charles Beck ("Appellees" or "the City")." (Jones v. City of Los Angeles). As people…
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