Homelessness, Unemployment, And Chemical Dependency

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There are many social problems that are prevalent here in Los Angeles County. Three of the most prevalent social problems experienced by Angelenos would be homelessness, unemployment, and chemical dependency. Though our agency offers many resources to our clients, issues maybe beyond our scope. So to better help serve our clients I have put together this coordination of services plan to help us in referring our clients to the appropriate services offered by other agencies. For the service that our clients may need that we do not currently offer, we will be referring them to LA Family Housing. At this agency they will have access to housing, substance abuse counseling, and job readiness programs (L.A. Family Housing, 2016). Guidelines for Making and Evaluating Referrals Making a referral, gives us the opportunity to address our clients’ unmet needs and can be critical for preventing our clients from "falling through the cracks”. Effectively referring our clients to an agency that has the resources that we do not offer is also the key to serving the client in the broadest possible context. The purpose of the referral process is to provide effective support to initiate an appropriate plan of action for clients at all levels of need. When evaluating the referrals, we must maintain contact with the agency that the client was referred. This will help us and the other agency to ensure that the clients’ needs are being met. Which goes along with the interpretation of standard four
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