Homelessness and Childhood Development Essay

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This paper will attempt to explain from an developmental and ecological framework the myriad of issues and obstacles effecting the health and development of those who experience homelessness in youth. Homelessness at such an early and integral stage in one’s life presents lasting consequences and we must work to better understand, prevent and reverse the effects of homelessness on children. Homelessness is a widespread issue that in recent years has only worsened with the downturn in the economy and a never-ending war. Of this very vulnerable population however there is within an even more vulnerable population, the children affected by homelessness. We as a society need to understand why homelessness in childhood happens, and understand…show more content…
Homeless children get two times as many ear infections compared to those who are not. Children who are homeless suffer from over four times as many asthma attacks, and twice the rate of respiratory infections likely as result of molds and dander from rodents. They are more likely to be positive for a tb skin test and at a greater risk for lead poisoning. One third of homeless children have never been to a dentist and dental health can affect the heart. Homeless children are more likely to suffer from malnutrition, because often there is a lack of transportation to locations for healthy food options and easier access to junk foods if anything is available at all. Over fifty percent of homeless children are anemic.experience six times the speech problems of others Homeless children are much more likely to become a victim of a physical or sexual assault Psychological Perspective consequences of homelessness in early childhood on a person’s psyche. Homeless children are at least four times more likely to have developmental delays Children that are homeless are twice as likely to have a learning disability Three times as likely to have emotional and behavioral problems Suffer from severe emotional distress More likely to witness violence Half of homeless children have problems with anxiety, depression or withdraw Social Perspective From a social prespective the scope of damage to ones learning abilities as result of homelessness in
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