Essay about Homelessness and mental illness

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Homelessness and Mental Illness
A housing policy can be thought of as the efforts put in by a given government to transform a housing market(s) for the purposes of achieving social objectives. In most cases, a housing policy is meant to ensure that the general population has access to a home that is affordable. For instance, the British Conservative/Liberal Democratic coalition’s housing policy is aimed at increasing the number of affordable housing units; fostering homeownership; making social housing flexible; tackling homelessness (especially for the
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Other housing needs for the mentally ill include specialized in- house primary care, health promotion programmes, open access mental services (accessible to all at any time, missed appointments are also tolerated), assertive management, street based service provision, holistic and generalist support apart from just clinical diagnosis, talking therapies and full access to mainstream services. Most importantly, the housed mentally ill persons have to be shielded from becoming homeless again. Such assurance that they will forever have a comfortable place to stay will relax their minds. This will go a long way in promoting their mental well being (Randall et al. 2006).
What the Government has done and is doing The most comprehensive government intervention dealing with homelessness and mental illness was first witnessed in 1990 when the Homeless Mentally Ill Initiative was launched by the UK Department of Health. This initiative was meant to identify and offer health services to the homeless mentally ill persons that were not under statutory health services. Specialist hostels were also funded so as to provide high level care for these persons. The Housing Corporation was also required to provide move on housing to these persons. The team that was appointed to undertake these tasks had agreed that home provision as well as mental health service provision were needed if the government was serious about dealing with homeless persons with mental health problems. This

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